Forest Hills

Forest Hills, Queens is a beautiful neighborhood with a diverse mix of housing options that range from historic Tudor-style homes to modern high-rise apartments. The area boasts numerous parks and green spaces, including the famous Forest Park, offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and recreation. With an excellent school district, top-rated restaurants, and a bustling business district, Forest Hills has something to offer residents of all ages and backgrounds.

Essential Aspects:


Forest Hills, located in the Queens borough of New York City, is a peaceful and welcoming neighborhood that offers a harmonious blend of suburban calm and city amenities. It is a place where families and city dwellers can enjoy a tranquil and comfortable lifestyle.



The neighborhood of Forest Hills boasts a family-friendly atmosphere with tree-lined streets, excellent schools, and a thriving local shopping and dining scene. Residents can enjoy spending time outdoors in serene parks, and the area is well-connected with accessible public transportation that provides easy access to the city.



Despite being located in a bustling city, Forest Hills prioritizes peaceful living over the fast-paced nightlife and entertainment options that can be found in the heart of the city.  Also, housing can be pretty pricey as private houses start at 1 Million and up.



Forest Hills has a diverse real estate scene with a range of housing options to cater to different lifestyles. From charming single-family homes to modern condominiums, the neighborhood offers something for everyone.The majority of buildings  consist of either single-family homes or luxury high-rises, which are highly sought-after properties that come at a premium price point.



Forest Hills is enchanting with its suburban-urban balance, offering residents a peaceful retreat from the city while still providing urban conveniences. The welcoming community, tranquil living, and family-friendly atmosphere make it a place where residents can feel truly at home.


Characteristics: Family-Friendly, Tree-Lined Streets, Excellent Schools, Shopping & Dining, Serene Parks, Accessible Public Transportation, Suburban-Urban Balance, Diverse Housing Options, Welcoming Community, Tranquil Living.


Dining Out: Enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine at Sushi Yasaka or indulge in some Italian fare at Tuscan Hills.

Shopping: Check out the boutiques and specialty stores on Austin Street, or visit the nearby Queens Center Mall for popular brands and shops.

Fun Times: Take a walk through the picturesque Forest Park, catch a show at the historic Forest Hills Stadium, or visit the Queens Museum to admire the latest contemporary art exhibitions.

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