Following this guide will help reduce the stress of renting a home and help you enjoy the journey as much as possible.


Rental Apartment Checklist

  • Employment letter on company letterhead stating your job title, job functions, salary, and length of employment.
  • Three most recent pay stubs.
  • Three most recent bank statements.
  • Two most recent years of tax returns.
  • Copy of photo Identification.
  • Money for application and credit check fee (generally $20.00).
  • If the guarantor or occupant is self-employed, they’ll need to get a letter from their accountant stating their income.

The credit check fee is generally non-refundable whether your application is approved or denied. However, the amount may be transferable to another apartment application.

Some landlords require a deposit to take an apartment off the market. This may vary from a few hundred dollars to one month’s rent. If you are approved for the apartment, the deposit will typically go toward your first month’s rent or your security deposit.

Have a Guarantor?

They’ll Need to Provide Paperwork Work, Too

If you’re using a guarantor or plan on having roommates, they will need to provide the same paperwork as mentioned above on the Rental Apartment Paper Work Check List. If the guarantor or occupant is self-employed, they’ll need to get a letter from their accountant stating their income.


Additional Documentation

  • These guidelines are standard for most rentals, but some landlords may require additional documentation, such as:
  • Canceled rent checks
  • References from previous landlords
  • Past tax returns

If you bring the standard paperwork up front, you should be okay as long as you get them the rest in a timely fashion. Some landlords require less than what is stated above, but it’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. Having your paperwork handy prior to your apartment search will look good when you meet with the broker or leasing agent, and it’s also a great way to start the relationship with your future landlord.

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